Реферат на тему Polygamy Essay Research Paper

Polygamy Essay, Research Paper

Polygamy is defined as: marriage in which a spouse of

either sex may have more than one mate at the same time. (www.m-

w.com) Polygamy may be odd to most Americans, but in the global

community it is common, normal and accepted. Although the

percentage of men in the world who have more than one wife is

relatively small, almost one-third of the world’s population

belongs to a community that allows it, says Israeli

anthropologist Joseph Ginat. (www.hartford-hwp.com) Polygamy was

an accepted practice among early Hebrews, this was because the

Bible never spoke wrong about the practice, so no Jewish

philosopher opposed it publicly. Finally, in the 10th century, a

rabbi named Gershom outlawed polygamy for 1,000 years, saying

that allowing polygamy only made conditions in society worse for


Polygamy is most common in Muslim countries where there are

no laws against it, and in communities that are more traditional

and agrarian. For example, it is common and growing among the

180,000 Bedouin of Israel. It is also frequent among some

Mediterranean Jews living in Yemen. But having multiple wives and

families requires money, so in each society that permits

polygamy, only 10 percent to 25 percent of men actually practice

it, and most have only two wives, the men most likely to be

involved are those with the most economic resources and most

status in the community. Also, many American Indian tribes allow

polygamy, several experimental Christian groups practice it; and,

of course, there are those famous offshoots of The Church of

Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Polygamy is only wrong if it violates your own personal

beliefs. For example, many people, especially Americans, are

uncomfortable with the thought of a male having more than one

wife. But many religions such as: Biblical Christianity, Roman

Catholic, Islam/Muslim, Jewish, and Mormon don t despise of this

belief but embrace it; creating a larger, stronger work force.

There are two sides to every controversy, whether they are right

or wrong can only be decided by you.